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  • Goldie Simpson

Our Power, Our Children

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

"Through the mouths of children and babes You have shown Your power to the oppressors." (Psalms 8:3)


The news was catastrophic. A nation at risk of total annihilation. What to do? How to respond?

First, Mordechai considered his network of connections. He sent word to Queen Esther about the pending destruction, encouraging her to use her position to help her People.

Next, he called a meeting with those whom he felt could affect change. Thousands of activists – 22,000 of them – gathered around him ready to respond to the face of danger.

And who were these people of influence and persuasion who were rallied to save a nation? The children.

Together with their leader Mordechai, they harnessed their energy to make a difference. Their history and heritage had taught them that the letters of the Torah carry immense power which can break down barriers and abolish decrees. Indeed their prayers and good deeds, coupled with Esther’s heroism, resulted in salvation.

And so when misfortune strikes as it sometimes does, or I’m feeling concerned about politics and security in South Africa, Israel and in the world over, I try to ask myself: What practical, feasible things can I do, no matter how small, to bring light into the world?

And I also gather my children.

I tell them that they carry so much power. That their every kind word reaches further than they can ever imagine. That even at a young age, they can live a life of purpose and meaning. That behind the masks of materialism and ego they can reveal treasures of beauty and opportunity.

Together we say a prayer, learn a Torah concept and do an act of kindness. Their natural faith reminds me that “what is essential is invisible to the eye”. And I know that their words and actions are shaping incredible things on High.

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