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Mikvah Teaching Tools

Since our mikvah has opened, many women have come to us to learn about mikvah. Young and old, newlyweds and women who have been married for many years, women who are looking for Jewish feminity, women in menopause who never previously went to the mikvah... have now embraced this mitzvah.  


We have created visual presentations to enhance our mikvah discussions and to assist in conveying the beauty of mikvah.  We are now making some of this material available to other teachers. 


For more information about our teaching tools, please email


Press Release about the new mikvah teaching-tool here.

NEW! Bat-Mitzvah Mom & Daughter Mikvah Tour

Please contact us to find out about our PowerPoint and Leader's Guide for leading a mikvah tour for young girls. This tour does not detail the laws of mikvah, but rather gives a sense of pride for, and insight into, being a Jewish woman.

Also available: "Love, relationships and your body" - a PowerPoint for leading a workshop with teens. 


Our mikvah PowerPoint was recently translated into Portuguese. Please email if you would like to get involved in translation into other languages.

Sample Slides from the Visual Presentation:



The mikveh is one of the most transformative institutions in Jewish life, investing our most powerful physical experiences with an equally transfiguring spirituality. Over the centuries it turned Jewish marriages into the poetry and music of love, bringing the shekhina, the divine presence into peoples lives and homes.  Goldie Simpson has produced a wonderful teaching guide that will help introduce people to an encounter with holiness that is as meaningful now as ever in the past.  This is a wonderful and timely project and I bless those who have created it.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


"Mikvah can-- but need not-- be a difficult mitzvah to share. You are holding an eminently usable tool designed with great thought and sensitivity. Ask Hashem for seyata deshmaya, think about what this great mitzvah means to you, speak from your heart with love and conviction, and use this power point presentation to anchor a personal conversation or a talk to a larger group. Goldie Simpson's work is an important step forward in bringing the great mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha to more and more of our Jewish sisters."

Rivkah Slonim

Education Director at the Rohr Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life, and instructor of Jewish Bio-Medical Ethics, at Binghamton University

Internationally known teacher, lecturer and activist. Editor of Total Immersion: A Mikvah Anthology and Bread and Fire: Jewish Women find God in the Everyday.


“This presentation and guide is fresh, sensitive, clear and has a beautiful feel. It is exactly what so many of us need in order to communicate the power and brocha of Taharas Hamishpocha.”

Mashi Lipskar

Internationally known speaker and teacher

Head Shlucha, Chabad Lubavitch South Africa


“This publication motivates and inspires me to go out and share the mitzva of taharas hamishpocha with everyone. It is unapologetic with the laws and their details, yet sensitive and inspirational, catering to all different tastes and styles.”

Rivky Chaikin

Renowned mentor and mikvah teacher

Rebbetzin, Oxford Shul, Johannesburg South Africa


“It is wonderful to finally have a teaching tool that empowers Rebbetzins and Shluchos who previously did not feel comfortable talking about Taharas Hamishpocha.” 

Bronya Shaffer

Internationally known lecturer, mentor and Mikvah Teacher


"Try this, you will like using it and it will make your job so much easier!Goldie Simpson's Mikvah powerpoint and teachers' guide is a well thought out, clear presentation, on the most pertinent points of Taharas Hamishpacha. This is a great tool for helping you to become very comfortable with giving an overview on the basic details and beautiful elements of Mikvah observance. Each aspect is visually appealing and clear in content. The teacher's guide has excellent clarifications and explanations which adds so much information and inspiration for the Shlucha's benefit. "

Malkie Rivkin

Taharas Hamishpacha teacher, Mikvah attendant and tour guide

Shlucha, New Orleans, Louisiana


“Finally! A guide that is condensed yet uncompromising! This will surely help encourage others to teach about the mitzva of Taharas Hamishpacha, while educating and inspiring all those who are exposed to this valuable tool! I look forward to using it in my own shlichus and to encourage even more women to keep this mitzvah!”

Bracha Sara Leeds

Shlucha on campus at UC Berkeley and Director of the Berkeley Mikvah, Mikvas Chana Leah


"The PowerPoint provides a clear and inspiring way to present the mitzvah of Mikvah and its laws!"

Devorah Leah Rosenfeld

Crown Heights Mikvah Docent


“The Mikvah Teaching Guide is a wonderful tool that can empower any shlucha to teach Taharas Hamishpacha confidently and professionally. The presentation is thorough, and the power point slides well organized and attractively designed. Clear halacha is approached in a sensitive yet undiluted manner, well balanced with inspiration and hashkafa.”

Malky Bitton

Co-Dean of the Jewish Academy and Co-Director of Chabad of Downtown Vancouver


“This new publication bring the laws of Taharas Hamishpocha to life. It makes teaching women so much easier. I look forward to using this publication.”

Estee Stern

Rebbetzin, Sydenham Shul, Johannesburg South Africa


“This is such a useful and important compilation that will benefit so many people….”

Sarah Feldman

Rebbetzin, Gardens Shul, Cape Town


“Reading through the teacher’s guide and visual presentation has filled me with new enthusiasm and confidence in teaching women about Taharas Hamishpocha. The guide is clear, concise and filled with depth. It includes beautiful examples and concepts to blend everything together. Anyone teaching about Mikvah should use this refreshing and comprehensive guide.”

Shevy Vigler

Director Chabad Israel Center - Upper East Side of Manhattan

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