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Videos & Video Testimonials

An introduction to mikvah prepared for our mikvah opening featuring members of the

South African community

Women in our community share their personal reflections on mikvah

SABC Shalom Series Episode on our mikvah

with Rabbi Hazdan & Goldie Simpson

starting at 7:46 minutes

A glimpse into the Great Park Spa Day 2015

Mikvah testimonial by Hillary Lubner

I had a flame that I wanted to rekindle

Mikvah testimonial by Janet Goldblatt

Our connection is stronger than ever

Mikvah testimonial by Sarah Hoffman

Time for gratitude + Tuning into the ​Human Psyche

Mikvah testomonial by Lisa Friedman

Short term commitments

My decision to keep Shabbat by Amanda Shapiro

Practical tools to overcoming challanges by

Jenny Greenblatt

Mikvah Testimonial by Coreen Crown

Mikvah brings so many blessings

Mikvah Testimonial by Jeanette Freeman

Went in with intrepidation, came out exhilirated

The Mikvah Movie - Women of the Waters, Tzfat

Jew In The City explains mikvah

Mikvah shared on Tyra Banks show

Mom, What do you pray for? 

Song with video featuring Johannesburg women

created for Spa Day 2018

Spa Day 2018

Overview of the event

for women & girls only

Women in Crisis

Talk by Richard Sutton

at Spa Day 2018

We are each a diamond

MC Tamara Victor

at Spa Day 2018

Spiritual thoughts on pregnancy & birth

Short shiur by Ora Goldstein 2019

Parenting in Cyberspace

Talk by Sheryl Cohen

at Spa Day 2018

Thoughts on having a meaningful Rosh Hashana while caring for young kids

Short shiur by Ora Goldstein 2019

Reproductive Health at every age

Talk by Dr Yossi Unterslak

at Spa Day 2018

Relationships: The potential, challenge, conflict, joy, 

 Zoom with Goldie Plotkin & Serenne Kaplan

14 July 2020

More on Relationships - Zoom webinar with 

Pam Tudin, Chavie Bruk & Goldie Plotkin

4 August 2020

Pre-Rosh-Hashana Inspiration

Zoom webinar with Lara Brasg, Lisa Friedman, Tanya Waksman, Feige Hazdan, Leah Sasson, Itty Hazdan & Goldie Simpson 

30 August 2020

Riding Life's Roller Coasters

Zoom webinar with Chavie Bruk 

11 August 2020

How my choices changed my life

with Tamir Goodman, named "The Jewish Jordan" by Sports Illustrated

8 September 2020

Life. Death. And life after death

Zoom webinar with Rabbi & Goldie Plotkin 

1 September 2020

Pre-Rosh-Hashana Inspiration

Zoom webinar with Nikki Fichardt, Lisa Murinik,  Feige Hazdan, Leah Sasson,

Itty Hazdan & Goldie Simpson 

13 Sept 2020

Kira Jacobs, Loren Eppel, Dr Ashlee Fisher, Romy Kaplan & Dr Efrat Barnes-Wald express why Mikvah is important to them

Shown at Spa Day 2022

For an explanation on the 'What', 'When', 'Who', 'Why' of Mikvah, or for great inspirational videos on Mikvah, Love & Marriage and more, please visit

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