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Mikvah Tours

I thought yesterday morning's batti mikvah tour was very worthwhile.... I think the girls are still young, & this was introduced to them in an excellent way. I would recommend it to others and I would love my older daughters to have a morning like this with me too. - Mom of a Batti Girl


The mystery of the Mikvah often remains just that, a mystery to most people. I was privileged to take a small group from the Melton Institute class I taught to visit the Mikvah Ma’ayan Ganim. It was an enriching learning experience where the Mikvah, and its important, vital role in Jewish life, was taught along with meaningful stories. The Mikvah for us became demystified, it was made approachable. From the private if became affirming public discussion. - Sarah Sasoon


The tour was informative and inspiring. I came away without a lot to think about in regards to my marriage and living with a higher purpose and goal. - Participant in a mikvah tour

Please contact us to discuss your PERSONALIZED mikvah tour. 


Email, or call Goldie - 072-832-2001

Group tours can be tailor-made for the attendees depending on whether they are:


Bat-Mitzvah girls




University students




Family of the bride



Tour topics include: 


Structures for holiness


What is the role of the Jewish woman?


Connecting to the inner self


Waters for mind body and soul

What does Judaism say about intimacy?


Why get married?


Jewish secrets to love and passion


Behind the scenes: What makes a mikvah a mikvah


And more...

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