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STEP 1: Book your shul

Contact your Synagogue to book your wedding date.  

Great Park Synagogue: 011 728 8152;

Required information & documentation to present to the Shul office.



STEP 2: Arrange your documents & authorisation

Contact the Johannesburg Beth-Din: 010 214 2600; 011-485-4865;; 55 Garden Road, Orchards.They will supply with you a list of required documentation and information.



STEP 3: Schedule pre-marriage courses

All couples in South Africa are required to take part in a Marriage Education and Preparation process, which equips them with the tools needed to help make the marriage a success. 

Mikvah lessons - Contact Jewish Marriage Education (JME) to arrange your series of individual sessions to learn about Judaism's view on intimacy and the laws of Family-Purity.  Contact Mrs Lilian Wolpe at 011‑648‑5583 to set up an appointment. (There is no charge for this course.)

Marriage Preparation - This individual Couple Relationship Review is based on the International "Prepare-Enrich" model and is provided by the Jewish Family Services. Bride & groom meet as a couple with a specially trained counsellor. Contact Jewish Family Services at 011‑532‑9616. (There is a nominal charge for this course.)

Book your Mikvah appointment by calling or texting 081 066 6301. 


You are welcome to come with family & friends and to mark with this special time with L'chaims & blessings.


Immersion Times & other zmanim

Mikvah Calendars & Apps

Find a Mikvah

Mikvah FAQ's


Prayer Before Immersion

Al Chet Prayer for Day of Wedding


Hotlines & Links

(including pregnancy, abuse, post-natal depression, inspiration etc.)


Personal Mikvah Stories of women in our own community.


What is the Jewish view on love & intimacy? What are some side benefits of Mikvah? Read about this and more on our 'Married Women' page.

Mazal Tov

Here are some resources to help make your wedding prep as hassle-free as possible:


Jewish Wedding Guide

More Resources & Links

Guide to Rituals & Customs of a Jewish Wedding


Choosing a wedding date


Glossary: What is an aufruf? Unterfihrer? Tena'im? Yichud? And other wedding terms.


What to pray for on your wedding day


What to do on your wedding day


Step-by-Step Guide to rituals and customs of the Jewish wedding.



Inspiration on Relationships & Marriage

Wedding Style Inspiration

Lists of Local Vendors

Stan the Good Shabbos Man's Simcha Guide

UOS Beth Din approved caterers

JBands listing of Jewish bands


Local Gemachs

The Bridal Project - Wedding dress loans: 082 850 0003

The Kallah Fund - Wedding funds: 082 824 9559

Michal Simcha Gemach - Decor loans: 083 267 2327

Regesh - Decor loans: 082 857 7023

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