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What to do on your wedding day

The wedding day is full of excitement and glamour.  It is appropriate to infuse these auspicious moments with meaning and holiness.


Here are some suggestions on how to stay focused:


Pray. Spend a few meaningful moments early in the morning before all the wedding prep begins to speak to Hashem. You can say formal prayers, and then add your own personal prayers, verbalizing your thoughts in the language you are most comfortable with.


Keep a charity box and coins near you. When friends and family come by to see you while you are getting your hair done etc. and at the Kabbalat-Panim, encourage them to give charity (even just a few coins) in honour of your special day.


Give a substantial amount of charity to an organization of your choice on your wedding day. You may choose to give to an organization that brings joy to poor brides/grooms,  that encourages couples to embrace the laws laws of Family-Sanctity, or that maintains a beautiful Mikvah.


Give blessings! As a bride/groom, you have a special gift to bestow blessings upon others. Bless every person who approaches you. Call family-members or close friends who are in need of blessings.


Express gratitude! In the days preceding your wedding day, you may want to write to your parents, grandparents, siblings, spiritual leaders, teachers and those closest to you, expressing your gratitude.


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