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Married Women

For thousands of years, Jewish marriages and families have been strengthened through the sanctity and holiness inherent in Taharas Hamishpacha-the laws of Family Sanctity -which require a woman to immerse in the mikvah after her menstrual period and prior to resuming physical intimacy with her husband. Marital relations are often referred to as the Holy Temple of human endeavor. And entrance to the Holy always was, and continues to be, contingent on ritual purity. Generations of Jewish women have found that the mitzvah of mikvah brings them closer to G-d - the Source of life and holiness.


A Jewish view on love and intimacy. 

Mikvah Testimonials: Video-clips of women in our own community

Personal mikvah stories of women in our own community.

It is a mitzvah of the highest degree of holiness for a married woman to go to the mikvah at the right time.


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          I've been married for years. Is it too late to start going to the mikvah?


It is never too late for a married woman to go to the mikvah. The blessings of the mikvah can be bestowed upon a woman and her family (even if she goes after her childbearing years have ended).



          Can I go to mikvah in menopause?


For a woman who has entered menopause and who did not go to the mikvah after her last menstrual period, a single immersion performed in accordance with specific guidelines can reap a lifetime of blessings for herself and her family. It can elevate her marriage to new heights of holiness, enabling her to enter the next phase of life with a symbolic rebirth and a spiritual renewal.



           I'm not religious. Would it be hypocritical to go to the mikvah?


Every mitzvah counts! One need not be a certain 'type' in order to go to the mikvah.  Women from all backgrounds and all walks-of-life have found meaning, renewal and rebirth with the mitzvah of mikvah.  Click here for short reflections by women in our own community who enjoy going to the mikvah.



          Additional benefits of Mikvah


“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” For couples who are committed to the discipline of Family-Purity, the time they have together is often a peak time for both, a time they cherish and savor.


It has been medically proven that upholding the discipline of Family-Sanctity can provide medical benefits. For example, a study was conducted by doctors in England to determine which ethnic group of women has the lowest percentage of cancer of the uterus and cervix.  The result: Women who observed Family-Sanctity had the lowest percentage of cancer of these organs and were less prone to infections. 


Spiritually, there is no better means of bringing holiness and sanctity in your home and into your marriage.


Click here for more on how mikvah can enhance your marriage.

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