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What do our visitors say?

Personal mikvah stories and experiences of women in our own community.


Personal Reflections 3 minute video.

What an amazing meaningful experience. This was my first mikvah (after many years of marriage) and what a beautiful environment for something so special. I feel so uplifted...



What a wonderful experience just before my wedding. Felt comfortable and relaxed...



What a treat and privilege... The attendant was so cheerful and unobtrusive!



Such a pleasant environment and such a warm, kind attendant.



...In my life I have never been to such a beautiful Mikvah...



This was my first Mikvah as a bride-to-be and I could not have asked for a more beautiful and spiritual experience... I will definitely be back.

Feedback from our Guest-Book and Feedback-Forms:

Testimonials from Educational Tours:


  • I thought yesterday morning's batti mikvah tour was very worthwhile.... I think the girls are still young, & this was introduced to them in an excellent way. I would recommend it to others and I would love my older daughters to have a morning like this with me too. 


  • The mystery of the Mikvah often remains just that, a mystery to most people. I was privileged to take a small group from the Melton Institute class I taught to visit the Mikvah Ma’ayan Ganim. It was an enriching learning experience where the Mikvah, and its important, vital role in Jewish life, was taught along with meaningful stories. The Mikvah for us became demystified, it was made approachable. From the private if became affirming public discussion.


  • The tour was informative and inspiring. I came away without a lot to think about in regards to my marriage and living with a higher purpose and goal.


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