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Mom-&-Daughter Mikvah Tour

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Why do young bat-mitzvah girls from across the city visit our mikvah every year? Not for immersion, nor for a talk on the intricate details of Family-Sanctity. Rather, these girls participate in a unique program for Moms and daughters - a session of empowerment discussing the extraordinary role of the Jewish woman. And what better place to celebrate Jewish women than in a building built specifically for them: The mikvah.

While many assume that the shul is the most important structure in Jewish life today, there are other structures that are more essential to Jewish living. A shul is indeed a place to connect with Hashem, develop a sense of community, and learn and be inspired to grow. But it is in the Jewish home that most of Jewish tradition is actualized and implemented into every-day living. And it is with the mikvah that one ensures that the home and the community is built on holiness and sanctity as outlined in the Torah. In fact, if a community had funds to build either a shul or a mikvah, preference is given to the mikvah, and in circumstances where there are no funds to build a mikvah, one would even sell a Torah to ensure that the necessary monies are available for the building of a mikvah. It is important to note that women play a leadership role in each of the aforementioned structures. By tuning into her inner strengths and responsibilities, every Jewish woman can enhance her personal life and contribute to the wider community through each of these edifices.

At each mikvah batti session, moms and daughters discuss the importance of women as "The Foundation" and reflect on introspective questions regarding personal growth and genuine values. The girls also do a creative activity focusing on their spiritual connection to their Moms, while their Moms engage in a short Q&A session addressing questions their daughters might ask them about mikvah observance.

The Batti-Mikvah-Tour is one of many mikvah tours offered at Great Park Mikvah Ma'ayan Ganim. Audiences include learners from Melton-Institute, UOS Conversion-Center, high schools and universities. Tour topics include 'What does Judaism say about sexual intimacy?', 'What makes a kosher mikvah?’ and 'Women's role'. To book a tour, email or call Goldie at 072 832 2001.

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