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The power of women in crisis

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Adapted from Richard Sutton's talk at Spa Day 2018

No doubt about it: stress is a crisis that is affecting productivity and health worldwide. But women can change this landscape and completely turn it on its head by simply tuning into their intrinsic nature. How so?

Oxytocin is a hormone which is released in one's body during times of stress. Oxytocin is linked to promoting self-worth, confidence, fearlessness, optimism, a sense of calm, empathy towards and generosity. On a physical level, oxytocin is linked to lowered cortisol, heart rate and blood pressure, thereby counteracting the common effects of the stress response.

However, oxytocin released in stress loses its initial effectiveness within 3-5 minutes! How then can we reap its benefits?

Many medical researchers speculate that the sole purpose of the initial burst of oxytocin directs our behaviour to seek support from others, connect to others and feel empathy for others in times of crisis. When we connect with others we release more oxytocin, thereby creating considerable physical and psychological resilience to stress.

In a world that has little tolerance for weakness and vulnerability, many people introvert and disconnect from others in times of stress. But it is specifically in times of stress that we would do well to sustain the oxytocin released to protect us by specifically reaching out to others.

Caring for others, compassion and supportive communication – these are fundamental traits in a woman’s nature. Let's tap into the systems that are built in and that can change the landscape of stress.

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