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Mom, what do you pray for?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Modelling spiritual behaviour for kids is essential.

Equally important is NARRATING what it is that we are modelling.

So pray. But also explain: "I'm taking a few moments now to thank Hashem for the gift of having you in my life..." And give Tzedakah. But also joyously express: "It makes me feel so good when I give..."

Likewise ask kids what they think and feel about behaviours they see. Here's a question worth asking: "What do you think are my innermost prayers for you...?" See what kind of discussions ensue.

This year's Spa Day included a musical performances of "Mom, what do you pray for?" with accompanying video which features women and children in our community. Thank you to the extraordinary musicians, and to the women who contributed pictures for the video. Watch the music video-clip here.

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