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Fertility & Mikvah

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Waiting for the blessing of children can be heart-wrenching: The waves of hope followed by despair, the toil it takes on a marriage, the challenges with self-image and self-esteem...

In responding to this extremely challenging time in life, many woman have found hope in coupling their medical journey with a connection to G-dliness one mitzvah at a time.

One of the mitzvot most closely related to the blessing of children is the mitzvah of Family-Sanctity and Mikvah.

With this in mind, many woman who are hoping for children try to:

▪ Review the laws of Family-Sanctity scrupulously, ▪ Grow in their Mikvah observance by paying attention to the details of the laws, ▪ Arrange a Mikvah refresher-course for others, and ▪ Encourage others to embrace Mikvah.

If you or somebody you know is hoping for the blessing of children, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a personal Mikvah refresher or a group inspirational talk on Mikvah.

072 832 2001

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