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Pep-talk to yourself when you're feeling sad

Updated: Feb 5

Sadness is dangerous when it leads to sluggishness and despair. It can be positive when it moves us to action. Here’s one idea on what you can tell yourself when you’re sad:

When you’re sad about something that’s happened to YOU:

Tell yourself: Hashem does not make impossible demands of His creations. Hashem only gives me what I can handle. I may feel like I cannot handle this right now, but I carry a power that will get me through this. I will get the support I need, and tune into my inner strengths as I learn to rise above these challenges…

When you’re sad about something that has happened to ANOTHER:

Tell yourself: I cannot possibly comprehend what my friend is going through. I cannot understand how Hashem has allowed such pain to befall him/her. What I do know is that Hashem will give strength to those who need it. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain of another. What I CAN do is help in whatever way possible. I can be there without saying a word. I can assist with meals, lifts etc. I can pray, hope and give in whatever way possible…

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