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Who came to our mikvah last month?

Updated: Feb 5

  • A woman who drove for two hours in each direction just to come to the mikvah.

  • A mom of a bride. She'd last gone to the mikvah when she herself was a bride.

  • A 65 year old woman who hadn’t immersed in thirty years.

  • A new mom after the birth of her precious boy.

  • A newly-wed who returned for the 4th time since her wedding.

  • A woman who comes to the mikvah every month.

  • A woman who’d never been to a mikvah before.

  • The CEO of a leading business.

  • A woman who is desperately praying for her depressed brother.

  • A woman who has not stepped into a synagogue in over a year.

And many, many, many more…


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