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Holiday Tips

• Model Manners – even when you don’t get the hotel room you want. Even when the restaurant food is bad. Even when the service you paid for is below standard. The kids are watching your reactions and learning from you all the time.

• Tune into the Life-Lessons: Every evening have each person say one thing they learned that day. Was it a lesson from an animal in the Kruger Park? A message from the waves in the sea? An impression left by a stranger in the mall? There are life-lessons all around us if we would only open our eyes.

• Read: Take out old classics that you loved as a kid and read to your children.

• Maintain Discipline – even when you’re comfortably lying on the beach with a book and you have no energy to discipline your rowdy child. Be consistent and maintain your values.

• Pray: Spend time every morning speaking to Hashem. Let the children see you daven and discuss with them the importance of starting each day with something valuable.

• Switch Off the Phone: Be more assertive than usual in taking a break from technology. Talk. Connect.

• Be a Child: Play games. Do crafts. Dress up. Play catch. Most importantly: laugh a lot!

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