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Fish love

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

A fisherman caught a hug fish. Excitedly, he exclaimed: ‘What a great catch! This is great. I’ll give this to my boss who loves pike.

‘There’s still hope for me,’ thought the fish.

The fisherman brought the fish into the kitchen and all the cooks say: ‘Wow! The boss will be so happy. He loves pike!’

The fish was barely alive, but he was still hopeful because after-all, the boss loves pike.

Then the boss arrived and said: “Now this is treat! This is my favourite! Boy do I love pike!” and he gave instructions exactly how the cooks should cut and cook the pike.

At which point the fish cries out: “You don’t love pike! You love yourself!”

(Adapted from Simple Words by Adin Steinsaltz)

• What is true ‘love’?

• Love is often centred on ‘what will I get from this relationship?’ How can one expand self-love into love for others?

The delicate nature of love requires both an "I" and a "you". The lover has a personal, inner feeling that connects him/her to the other. But true love is not limited to the lovers self-gratification and selfish benefits. True love is giving and doing even when things are tough and there are challenges. The New Year is a time to think about our relationships and pinpoint ways in which we can give and do more to deepen our love.

• What can you do this year for for your spouse and family-members to express true love?

• What can you do this year for Hashem to express true love?

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