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Intimacy: Where Heaven Meets Earth

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

The Holy of Holies is the place where heaven meets earth. It is where the Divine Presence shines unconcealed. This is the place where we can meet G-d. On Yom Kippur (holiest day of the year), the High Priest (holiest person) would enter the Holy of Holies (the holiest space).

In the Holies-of-Holies was the Ark of Hashem, upon which were carved 2 golden kerubim. The Kerubim were not just ornaments, but the very place from where Hashem spoke. And what were the Kerubim? The face of a male and female. When the Jewish people came to the Beit Hamikdash for the festivals, the curtain of the Holies-of-Holies was rolled aside, and the kerubim – whose bodies were embracing– were displayed. The assembled Jews were told: “Look! You are beloved before God as the love between man and woman.”

Yes - intimacy is sacred. It shares the profound secret of the kerubim. It is precisely the image of the kerubim that Hashem wanted in the purest place in the world - a sure indication that Hashem considers marital intimacy, holy.

And how can we ensure that our intimacy is holy? By engaging in intimacy in accordance with the parameters set out to us by G-d. This includes embracing the framework of Family-Sanctity and mikvah.

This Yom Tov season, give yourself the gift of calling a friend/Rebbetzin and learning about the sacredness of the mikvah. Decide to immerse even just one time. Experience a spiritual Yom-Kippur-like ‘oneness’ and achieve what may just be the best thing for your love-life.

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