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Worldwide Campaign

Dear friends and subscribers,

Last month, almost 2,000 women worldwide made a commitment to go to the mikvah. Women in Russia, Brazil, USA, Canada etc. decided to be a part of the international mikvah campaign .

The campaign began as a unified response to the tragic passing of two young women who have left young children and mourning communities. The idea is to counter darkness with light and positive acts, particularly mitzvahs that are unique to Jewish women.

The response here and across the globe has been phenomenal and overwhelmingly positive. Women - many of whom haven't been to the mikvah in years or who have never been before - are so grateful to be approached and excited to go.

Please join the global campaign and give yourself the chance to learn about the gift of mikvah and visit once. If you have been to the mikvah before, consider coming again. If you already keep this mitzvah regularly, perhaps try encouraging a friend to learn about this.

With the mitzvah of mikvah, we bring G-dliness and blessing into our homes and into our marriage. Please note that even if you passed the age of needing to go on a monthly basis but have never been to the Mikvah or just went once before your wedding, you still have an opportunity to go one time. The power of the mystical waters of the Mikvah has within it a retroactive component that brings blessing for one’s children and grandchildren.

It would be our pleasure and privilege to meet one-on-one to talk about this and then you can decide for yourself

if you would like to embrace this mitzvah.We can also meet with a small group of your family/friends and offer a short how-to mikvah visual presentation.We would love to hear from you about joining this powerful drive!

Warm regards,

Feige & Goldie

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