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Tips for Raising a Mentch - Thoughts from Dr. Pelcovitz's talk at Great Park

1. Don't ’t use the ‘email voice’. We all fall prey to talking in our ‘email voice’ – the tone you detect when the person on the other side of a phone call is dealing with their email. Secure time in your schedule to speak with your kid without any distractions whatsoever. Put away the phone and ipad. Look your child in the eye.

2. Set limits. Kids crave limits. A recent survey reveals that the majority of teenagers surveyed in certain communities feel that their parents should put more filters and controls on their internet usage. These teenagers probably protest these regulations, yet at the same time, deep down, they long for boundaries.

3. Watch the way you disagree. Your kids are learning from the way you react to challenging situations and to people with whom you strongly disagree. Think about the verbal and body language you use even when you’re not talking to your kids.

4. Show passion. If there’s something valuable or important to you, it’s not enough to think deeply about that value. You need to find ways to show your children that it’s valuable. Kids learn from what they see and hear. They will only know what you’re passionate about if you express that passion!

5. Look for the good and be grateful. Children don’t always fit into the perfect-picture vision parents have for them. Recognize your children for what they are and tune into the things you have to be grateful for.

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