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  • Janet Goldblatt

A Relationship with Me

By Janet Goldblatt

Time and again it has struck me: the importance of a good relationship with the self. Through my experience over the past ten years in working with people in groups, schools and community centres and mostly on myself, I have come to realise that if you do not have a decent loving relationship with yourself you cannot expect to have one with someone else. Often the very thing we resist in others is a deep routed part of ourselves. But when we are able to forgive ourselves and others, take responsibility for who we are and ultimately find a connection to ourselves, we may quicker be able to move forward with our relationships. How we see ourselves colours how we see the world and ultimately how we take our place within the world. How can a person best form this relationship with the self and others? I believe that one way is to begin with your relationship with your mother. In my work I have met many women who struggle to hold successful relationships; it is clear every time that as they work on their personal relationships with Mom, they are better able to heal themselves and move forward with other relationships as well. Janet is a Life Skills Facilitator/Trainer. She is currently a director of Nowhere-ecl SA offering training to teachers and facilitators in systemic practice and principles. She can be contacted on 082-771-3164;

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