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  • Marian Shain

A Bride – 30 Years After My Wedding

By Marian Shain

When I got married going to the mikvah was not something that girls did. I never knew anything about the mikvah. Then, 30 years after my wedding, my world changed. I was invited through a friend to the opening of the new mikvah at the Great Park Shul. Having never been in a mikvah I never knew what to expect. I was amazed! I began to ask questions about going to the mikvah. After wonderful, inspiring meetings to learn more, I was ready to start preparing to go to the mikvah. The day arrived. Wendy, the mikvah attendant, greeted me on arrival and showed me in. Everything I could have possibly needed was available. I prepared in my own time making sure I did everything that was required - no more nervous, just so excited. Wendy guided me through the whole experience, making me feel so comfortable. Before I left we drank a l'chaim in honour of my beautiful experience. I felt so uplifted. What an awesome special and spiritual opportunity, something I will never forget. What a privilege and blessing to be Jewish.

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