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  • Chana Weisberg

The Little Flame

By Chana Weisberg

Once upon a time, there was a little flame that glowed brightly. Wherever this little flame went, it brought light and luminosity. Even in the absolute black darkness, the flame twinkled and illuminated. But wherever it went, there were also those who didn't like its radiance. And wanted to snuff it out. There was the wind that wanted to blow it out... The sand that wanted to stomp it out... The water that wanted to drown it... And the darkness that wanted to blacken it. But the stubborn flame refused to be extinguished. Sometimes, the flame itself wished for its end. It yearned to be as dim as the surrounding blackness. The little flame would doubt its beautiful glow and question its unique sparkle. During those moments, the flame would flicker and its sparkle seemed like it would fade into obscurity. But no matter what, something inside the flame kept it shining. Some called it stubbornness. Others saw it as luck. Or perhaps, fate. While others predicted its demise. And a few recognized it as the greatest miracle ever.

Chanukah is the Festival of Light. We light our Menorahs to commemorate the miracle of the flames that refused to be extinguished. There was barely enough oil for one day, but the flames burned proudly for eight. But Chanukah also commemorates the miracle of the Jewish people. A nation that refused--and continues to refuse--to be smothered into oblivion. Because the little flame continues to shine light into the dark world around it. (Article

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