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The Day After

Two people sit side by side listening to an inspirational talk. Both take in every word. Both are engaged and involved. Both are attentive to the speaker’s messages of hope and renewal and change. But these individuals are worlds apart, for one is a woman about to conquer her universe and the other is complacent and idle. What distinguishes these women from each other, as they both sit there moved and inspired? How does one really tell the one from the other? The answer lies not in their feelings about the talk while they sit there enthralled, but in their response the morning after. For inspiration is worth nothing unless it translates into action: Practical baby steps of growth; small gestures of loving-kindness; consistent times set-aside for purposeful reflection; commitments to even one more good deed, connecting to something higher than ourselves. The month of Cheshvan is a time to take the energy of the month of Tishrei and channel it into practical applications for the entire year.



© 2016 by Goldie Simpson

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