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October 18, 2018

Adapted from Richard Sutton's talk at Spa Day 2018

No doubt about it: stress is a crisis that is affecting productivity and health worldwide. But women can change this landscape and completely turn it on its head by simply tuning into their intrinsic nature. How so?


August 9, 2017

There are many explanations. One of the deeper messages of the veil:

The veil signifies that there’s more to life than what we see on the surface. The bride and groom are telling each other: “I am not marrying you just for your beautiful face or for your outer qualities...

March 9, 2017

"Through the mouths of children and babes You have shown Your power to the oppressors." (Psalms 8:3)


The news was catastrophic. A nation at risk of total annihilation. What to do? How to respond?

First, Mordechai considered his network of connections. He sent word t...

March 7, 2016

By Lara Noik


What exactly distinguishes a good marriage from a dwindling one?


Dr. John Gottman speaks of 4 important things. His rigorous scientific research with couples found that 4 communication styles - “The 4 Horsemen” - can predict the end of a marriage. Wan...

March 7, 2016


New beginnings inspire new resolutions and new hopes for meaningful growth.  Here are three things to say which can have a powerful impact on your kids.


1. "Where's daddy?"  Say it as you re-enter your home or anytime that you meet your family. Let your hubby be the...

October 21, 2015


A fisherman caught a hug fish. Excitedly, he exclaimed: ‘What a great catch! This is great. I’ll give this to my boss who loves pike.


‘There’s still hope for me,’ thought the fish.


The fisherman brought the fish into the kitchen and all the cooks say: ‘Wow! The boss w...

December 10, 2013

By Etta Goldman


Shalom Bayit occurs when a couple enjoys a relationship based on kindness, gentleness, mutual respect, compassion, and understanding – all of which contribute to a loving relationship. “OK that’s the theory, but how do you get there?” is a question coup...

December 9, 2013

Excerpt from an article by Tzvi Freeman


There is nothing more holy in this world, nothing more precious to its Creator, than the union of a man and a woman. It is, after all, the fountain of life. What could be more precious than life -- other than the source from whic...

December 9, 2013

By Slovie Jungreis-Wolff


‘Ahava’, the Hebrew word for ‘love’, comes from the word ‘hav’ which means to give. Love grows when I invest in my relationship by giving. We forget that one little gesture shows our spouse that we do not take them for granted. It is our way of...

December 9, 2013

By Janet Goldblatt

Time and again it has struck me: the importance of a good relationship with the self. Through my experience over the past ten years in working with people in groups, schools and community centres and mostly on myself, I have come to realise that if yo...

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October 18, 2018

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