How do you speak about YOURSELF?

Excerpt from Sarah Chana Radcliffe's Parenting facebook page Your children can learn how to speak to themselves from hearing the way YOU speak to yourself. For example, if you insult yourself, put yourself down or otherwise speak out loud about your shortcomings ("I'm not good at anything," "I'm such an idiot," "We're such losers," "We'll never get anywhere," "I'm so ugly," "I have no friends," "I'm so fat," etc., etc.), children can learn to think about themselves in critical and disparaging ways. Help them to have a lifelong inner friendly voice by refraining from speaking badly about yourself or your family. #Parenting

We are each a diamond

Excerpt from MC Tamara Victor's opening remarks at Spa Day 2018 Every Sunday, the Rebbe would stand for many, many hours giving blessings and encouragement to the thousands of people from all walks of life who came to meet him. Someone once asked the Rebbe: Aren’t you tired from speaking to so many people without any rest? The Rebbe replied: When you are counting diamonds, you do not get tired... Each of us is a precious diamond of Hashem. We each have a soul - a spark of Hashem Himself. Hashem says to each of us: You matter. You belong. You ARE powerful... Watch Tamara Victor here. Women in our community have chosen nurture their inner diamonds with the mitzvah of Mikvah. If you would like

Jeans, tattoo & mikvah

by Nikki B. I'm probably the least religious looking person you've ever seen. I just don't look like the mikvah-going-type. Far from it. But to the mikvah I go regularly and I'm probably more committed to mikvah than almost anything else I can think of. So why do I go? Because in today's superficial, shallow world, people crave for some meaning. I have this inner calling for purpose and depth. At the end of the day, life's not just about the shoes I wear or the party my kid was or wasn't invited to. I need to connect to something higher - to something spiritual. And mikvah does it for me. I'm well aware that meaningful living needs to reach all facets of life, far beyond my mikvah visits. Bu

The power of women in crisis

Adapted from Richard Sutton's talk at Spa Day 2018 No doubt about it: stress is a crisis that is affecting productivity and health worldwide. But women can change this landscape and completely turn it on its head by simply tuning into their intrinsic nature. How so? Oxytocin is a hormone which is released in one's body during times of stress. Oxytocin is linked to promoting self-worth, confidence, fearlessness, optimism, a sense of calm, empathy towards and generosity. On a physical level, oxytocin is linked to lowered cortisol, heart rate and blood pressure, thereby counteracting the common effects of the stress response. However, oxytocin released in stress loses its initial effectiveness

Mom, what do you pray for?

Modelling spiritual behaviour for kids is essential. Equally important is NARRATING what it is that we are modelling. So pray. But also explain: "I'm taking a few moments now to thank Hashem for the gift of having you in my life..." And give Tzedakah. But also joyously express: "It makes me feel so good when I give..." Likewise ask kids what they think and feel about behaviours they see. Here's a question worth asking: "What do you think are my innermost prayers for you...?" See what kind of discussions ensue. This year's Spa Day included a musical performances of "Mom, what do you pray for?" with accompanying video which features women and children in our community. Thank you to the ex

The Quiet Month

"Cheshvan" begins with letters that spell "chash" - "silent". No chagim, ceremonies, special foods or rituals. It's quiet. And silence is golden. Now's the time to take inspiration from the High Holidays and implement positive actions into every-day life. "For everything there is a season..." The month of Cheshvan gives us the extraordinary opportunity to private, meaningful moments of self-growth in the context of normal life. #Selfgrowth

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