Our Power, Our Children

"Through the mouths of children and babes You have shown Your power to the oppressors." (Psalms 8:3) ***** The news was catastrophic. A nation at risk of total annihilation. What to do? How to respond? First, Mordechai considered his network of connections. He sent word to Queen Esther about the pending destruction, encouraging her to use her position to help her People. Next, he called a meeting with those whom he felt could affect change. Thousands of activists – 22,000 of them – gathered around him ready to respond to the face of danger. And who were these people of influence and persuasion who were rallied to save a nation? The children. Together with their leader Mordechai, they harnes

Here. Now. Go!

Your nation is in trouble. There seems to be no hope. Go speak with King Achashverosh on your nation’s behalf, “for who knows whether it is for this very reason that you were chosen to be the queen?” (Megillat Esther 4:14) But Esther was afraid. She was risking so much. Still, she rose to the occasion, and her bravery was key in saving the Jewish People from Haman’s evil plot. There are times when I feel burdened by my responsibility to impact my surroundings. Perhaps others are more talented and more capable to affect change. Who am I, after all? Just a single person in a vast universe, who feels vulnerable and, at times, just too tired to reach beyond my comfort zones. It is far easier to

© 2016 by Goldie Simpson

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