4 Remedies for a Better Marriage

By Lara Noik What exactly distinguishes a good marriage from a dwindling one? Dr. John Gottman speaks of 4 important things. His rigorous scientific research with couples found that 4 communication styles - “The 4 Horsemen” - can predict the end of a marriage. Want your marriage to work? Here’s how: 1: Don’t criticize: There is a huge difference between complaining and criticizing. The first addresses a specific action whilst the latter is more global and attacks the character of the person. Antidote: Gently explain how you feel and what you need. Say I feel, rather than you are. Instead of “You are so selfish and never think of me,” say, “I feel angry when you don’t let me know that you

Three things to say to your kids this year

New beginnings inspire new resolutions and new hopes for meaningful growth. Here are three things to say which can have a powerful impact on your kids. 1. "Where's daddy?" Say it as you re-enter your home or anytime that you meet your family. Let your hubby be the first thing your kids hear you talk about. Let them witness that before you do or say anything else, first and foremost you think about your husband and value your shalom-bayit. 2. "Make someone smile today." Say it as the kids are leaving for school. Let your daily message to them be about the importance of 'love thy neighbour as yourself'. Tell them that you believe in their power to make a positive impact in the life of ano

Who came to our mikvah last month?

A woman who drove for two hours in each direction just to come to the mikvah. A mom of a bride. She'd last gone to the mikvah when she herself was a bride. A 65 year old woman who hadn’t immersed in thirty years. A new mom after the birth of her precious boy. A newly-wed who returned for the 4th time since her wedding. A woman who comes to the mikvah every month. A woman who’d never been to a mikvah before. The CEO of a leading business. A woman who is desperately praying for her depressed brother. A woman who has not stepped into a synagogue in over a year. And many, many, many more… #PersonalMikvahExperiences

Vulnerable and Courageous!

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness. - Brene Brown She had everything a girl could want. She lived in a palace with the most powerful ruler and she knew she had his heart. She was in a position to influence his decisions and to affect the entire future of her people. And yet, Queen Esther was afraid. “So I will go... and if I perish, I perish...” (Megillat Esther 4:16) she says to Mordechai when it was time for her to act for her people. She was anxious. She struggled. She was human. And yet, she found the strength to respond to the call of the hour. Heroes sometimes seem like super-stars who are da

3 Habits to Happiness

Practical ideas from Dr. Pelcovitz’s talk at Great Park 1) Take a few minutes once a day to relish something that you usually hurry through. A walk, a meal or even a shower. Savour the moment. “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things”. 2) Write down your dreams. This can help you recognize that it is in your power to work towards your valued goal. You –not external forces - have the power to make them come true. 3) Ritualize gratitude. Make a set time for it. For example, really think about the strengths of each of your children while blessing them on Friday night or when sitting around the table together. Once a week invite each family member

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