Feminists: A call to action

“It is not that long ago that life as a woman was altogether different,” my Aunt Bronya tells me as she stirs me, to my delight, into a thought-provoking discussion. “It’s been a while since women earned the right to vote, but let me tell you: the 60’s and the 70’s were no simple time to be a woman. Matters of gender, family, the workplace and official legal inequalities were debated. Laws regarding battered women's shelters and changes in custody and divorce law were proposed. The issues were complex and aroused passionate sentiments.” “And you? You who advocates so strongly for women’s rights - How did you feel through all this?” “I was emotionally involved for sure,” answers Aunt B. “and

Pep-talk to yourself when you're feeling sad

Sadness is dangerous when it leads to sluggishness and despair. It can be positive when it moves us to action. Here’s one idea on what you can tell yourself when you’re sad: When you’re sad about something that’s happened to YOU: Tell yourself: Hashem does not make impossible demands of His creations. Hashem only gives me what I can handle. I may feel like I cannot handle this right now, but I carry a power that will get me through this. I will get the support I need, and tune into my inner strengths as I learn to rise above these challenges… When you’re sad about something that has happened to ANOTHER: Tell yourself: I cannot possibly comprehend what my friend is going through. I cannot

The Mikvah Attendant

I don’t know why, but the idea of the mikvah attendant worried me. Immersing in a warm spa-like mikvah sounded great. Learning about and observing the detailed laws of preparing for the mikvah was a discipline I valued. But the mikvah attendant? Who was this lady who would greet me as I entered the mikvah building? What was her role? Well, from the moment she ushered me into the beautiful, private, regal mikvah building, I felt at ease. She was just SO welcoming, and also extremely kind. She led me into the preparation room and told me to ring the intercom bell when I was ready. She would then come and show me into the immersion room. I spent time in the preparation room making full use of t

A Story - The impact of Mikvah in our community

Jade is a young woman in our community who recently came to the mikvah as a bride. Her mother and sister accompanied her, and after her immersion they shared a l’chaim and some personal heart-to-heart thoughts. Ady, her mom, mentioned that she had not been afforded the opportunity to go to mikvah as a bride as her rabbi only told her the concept of mikvah a few days before her wedding day. She had never before been to the mikvah! Inspired by her daughter’s excitement and deep appreciation for this mitzvah, she agreed to get together for a one-on-one outline of the laws of Family Sanctity. She prepared for her mikvah appointment with dedication and applied herself to all the details as she

What kind of money manager are you?

What kind of money manager are you? How to financially empower yourself Good money managers: Pay themselves first i.e. 10%-15% of their salary is saved/invested and they live within the balance of the remainder. Save up and pay cash for depreciating assets such as cars, fridges, TV’s., and all other electronic/technological devices. These should be purchased at lowest possible prices and maintained to prolong their life span. Pay off their bond as soon as possible so that they live rent free Work to a budget Do not abuse credit facilities. Make it a goal to pay off any credit card charges on a monthly basis so no interest will be charged. Only then will the credit card be a convenient and b

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